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Our precise CNC equipment and experienced fabricators allow us to provide products with superior tolerance and at a faster rate of production. Our engineering expertise, fabrication knowledge and advanced machinery will help turn your forward thinking design into reality.

We operate a technologically advanced factory utilizing modern cnc processing equipment. Our automated cnc equipment and experienced fabricators ensure that custom designs are accurately and quickly fabricated to your specifications.


  • CNC Machining Center: 7000 mm long Multi-Tool Center Tool Changer - machining precisely that can perform complex drilling, tapping, routing, milling and operations in a single program. Efficiency and accuracy in a single process. 
  • Double Head Miter Saw: 5200 mm long Used to accurately and quickly cut profiles at 90, 45 and 67.5 degree angles. 
  • Upcut Arbitrary Angle Saw: Used to process profiles at angles between 0 and 180 degrees.
  • CNC Cutting Saw: Used to accurately and quickly process connection components such as base plates, shearing tabs, corner brackets, etc.
  • End Milling Machine: Used to accurately notch and perform operations on multiple aluminum profiles end milling at the same time.
  • Pneumatic Corner Crimping Machines: Used to rigidly connect window and frame profiles with mitered corners. 
  • Copy Routers: Used to perform standard drilling, routing, milling operations utilizing our standard system hardware.
  • Punching Machines: Used to efficiently and accurately punch our standard aluminum door and window systems. 
  • Glass Edging Machine: Used to edge and smooth glass edges for safety and increased strength. 
  • Metal Cutting Saws: Used to process ferrous steels such as steel rectangular tube and pipe.
  • Pneumatic Tools: Used for assembly operations such as fastening screws, tapping manually, riveting, grinding and buffing.
  • Welding Capabilities: Manual stick welding, mig welding, welding and aluminum spool welding. We can weld mild steels, stainless steels and aluminum alloys in accordance with international welding standards.