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Our design and engineering department is led by our Managing Director, a licensed Professional Engineer in the USA and Chartered Professional Engineer in Australia. He has over 15 years of experience including design engineering, construction, and building envelope failure analysis and is a recognized building code expert in the USA.

Our design department is experienced in shop drawing preparation of shop fronts, curtain walls, doors, windows and structural systems using 2D and 3D CAD systems.


We are experienced in testing and failure analysis of building envelope systems.  The Managing Director of REC Aluminum has years of experience in building envelope testing and failure analysis including the use of destructive and non-destructive testing methods. 

Our aluminum doors and windows are tested in the factory and in the field for water penetration using building code accepted standards such as AAMA and ASTM.  Our water spray testing equipment is calibrated and the testing method we employ meets USA industry testing standards.

Our frameless glass handrail system has been impact tested and tested for distributed and point loading conditions in accordance with International Building Codes, such as the USA IBC. 


REC operates an advanced manufacturing facility located in Samut Prakan, Thailand.  We utilize CNC machining centers, CNC saws, digital double miter saws, punching machines, 2D and 3D CAD to generated cut sheets and fabricate our door and window systems.  Our CAD and CNC fabrication process ensures that our systems are fabricated to tolerances within +/- 2 mm.

REC Door and window systems are fabricated in our shop and delivered to the jobsite for quick installation.  Fabrication of our door and window systems at our factory ensures that critical seals are made in our factory. 


REC fabricates and installs door and window systems, curtain wall systems, frameless glass hand rails and window walls throughout Thailand.  Our installation team follows internationally accepted standards for the installation of our fenestration systems and provide post water spray testing to guarantee quality and provide our customers peace of mind.    

Recently completed commercial projects include an 8 story luxury condominium building on the water in Na Jomtien Beach and an 8 Story apartment building utilizing our frameless glass balcony balustrades and our window wall system.

Recently completed residential projects include complete door and window replacements for luxury condominiums located in Bangkok, residential houses in Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Phang Na.